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The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope by Rae Marie Taylor
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Spoken Word poet Rae Marie Taylor's semi-nomadic life bridges her Southwest homeland and the Quebec north country. She performs with fellow poets and writers in both regions. Rae Marie has produced the CD Black Grace and her own solo shows with the Montreal musician David Gossage and the Michael Côté Trio. Critic Claude Larouche states, "her words create a powerful chemistry." Geoffrey Edwards says that, "her voice provides a haven for our encounter with sound."

The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope is her first book of essays.  

"A body needs the earth.  It is a question of habitat."
—Rae Marie Taylor

"I've dipped into The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope, and found it a fascinating and passionate book. Taylor's memoir-essays weave compelling stories, her voice shines through."  
—Susan J. Tweit
Author of Walking Nature Home, A Life's Journey, and winner of the Colorado Book Award

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