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The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope by Rae Marie Taylor
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The Chant d'amitiés
Rae et Pierre Coté
Photo by Isabelle Moisan
A Space to Enter
Mémoire et tempête
Sculpter la matière
Photo by Galerie Articho
At the Maison de la littérature
Photo by Isabelle Moisan

Photo by Isabelle Moisan
Femmes rapaillées

Moving and festive launchings for The Land: Our Gift Wild Hope took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Lucky Bean Cafe in November and in December at the Libraire Librairie Pantoute in Quebec City, Canada. The book was also well-received at the Quivira Coalition's 10th annual conference in Albuquerque. All in 2011.


The most recent news is, I moved back to Montreal in July! As I arrived, I was happy to find one of my bilingual poems published in Montreal's Spanish-speaking publication The Apostles Review #19.

From the beginning it has been a busy and fulfilling year, bringing together my different cultures and the worlds of teaching, visual art and Spoken Word performance.

Having initiated the first courses on Native Literature while still teaching in Montreal years ago, it was a real pleasure in February to be invited to give a lecture on Native American and First Nations literature for the Cercle Gabriel-Garcia-Marquez at Quebec City's Gabrielle Roy Library. Happily the evening was very well-attended and many among the audience discovered Native writers like Josephine Bacon (Innu), and Scott Momaday (Kiowa) for the first time! It's always an honor and a joy supporting Native culture through the literature.

March found me reconnecting with my visual art! Something I've been promising myself the last few years. My sculptures here, some ceramic, some bronze, are from the show Sculpter la matière at the contemporary Galérie Articho in Québec City.

And then came April, and the fruit of several years of friendship and writing and performing for my loyal Quebec City community. By way of thanks, I celebrated with a bilingual good-bye show at the Fou-Bar. Entitled Chant d'amitiés en mouvance (Song of Friendship and Survival) where I was again accompanied by the marvelous musicians Michel and Pierre Côté. You can find a few videos from the show, produced by Isabelle Moisan, in my YouTube playlist. Please do enjoy them!

And on the net, the exceedingly fine on-line magazine Françoise Stereo published a special poetry issue where my poem, « Vive la différence! Vif la difference! » was published both in video form and in the magazine. Do look them up. You can find that video in my YouTube playlist as well.


In the spring, at my new reading from The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope at Montreal's well-loved ARGO Bookshop, the response of those present was heartening. People are hungry for hope and knowledge. How satisfying and motivating it was to nourish that hope for the land and our relationship with it!

This has been a productive year with new writing and my bilingual poetry being published in two French publications here in Quebec: the well-respected Montreal literary journal Les Écrits #146, with a piece entitled « Something », in hommage to the wonderful sculptor Don Darby, and in the impressive anthology of 4 generations of women poets in Quebec, Femmes rapaillées. Of course, both publications led to performances with the fellow writers involved, at the Maison de la littérature in Quebec City, and at the Salon du livre international de Québec. (Quebec's International Book Fair). The jazz musician Michel Côté regaled us, the femmes rapaillées, and the public, with his amazing improvisations for each poem.

The International Quebec P.E.N. committee recently established a P.E.N. Women's Committee in Quebec City and Montreal. As a member of the Quebec committee this year, I was able to give a writing workshop for Native and immigrant women. It was a thoroughly enjoyable privilege to support their process and impressive to see their fine work evolve.

Part of our work on the P.E.N. committee involved witnessing different women around the world who are detained, murdered or constantly harassed for their speaking out against injustice in their countries. For our two events witnessing them, again at the Maison de la literature and the Salon du livre, I supported Dina Meza in Honduras. The Wyandot singer Andrée Lévesque-Sioui accompanied us in both events with her finely wrought musical witness.

And last but not least, the pleasure of translating (into English) Valerie Forgue's poems for her participation in Germany's Roedermark's World-Poetry Festival.


Now it's Fall and after doing new writing in French for a couple publications, I'm enjoying time again in the Southwest. My focus this time is guiding tours with Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project. Do go to their site to see and enjoy the wonderful work they do. mesaprietapetroglyphs.org 

Phare-Ouest at Studio P, Quebec
Photo credit Isabelle Duval

Voices, music, images, depth of rhythm and feeling all came together in Quebec! We loved doing the show PHARE-OUEST for our warm and enthusiastic public who have asked, and still ask, for more. Many people said they discovered a West they didn't know existed. We'll be happy to do the show again in 2016. Feel free to invite us!

PHARE–OUEST a new show! Some true West for Quebec City. We'll be going beyond stereotypes to share the deeper West we each know. Join us if you can!: Tuesday, March 31st at Studio P, 280 rue St. Joseph. Spoken Word artists Rae Marie Taylor and Jean Désy will offer an evening of beauty, emotion and humor around the theme of the American West, Rae's original home and Jean's recent passion. Frederic Dufour's guitars and images by videographer Isabelle Duval will accompany the duo.
Bilingual (French and English)

Rae and Michel Côté at Arts Alive!
Photo credit Isabelle Moisan

In June as part of the weekend festival Arts Alive! at Morrin Center, I was delighted to perform in a Spoken Word event with the true blue jazz musician Michel Côté. New poems, new music and sunshine to start the summer!

The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko Nevada, in its 31st year, was fabulous. Great music, great poetry and the gladness of being among ranchers and cowboys again! This was the last event on my nomadic Southwest agenda that bridged the months of December and January, before returning to a frigid Quebec in early February. See and hear the performers on their site: www.westernfolklife.org

January 6th. For my creative and homing spirit, I celebrated the New Year at the Jemez Buffalo Dance where the joyful hospitality of my friends nourished body and soul, as did all the family who took time for me for along the way.


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My writing year ended with an enriching and lively workshop with Jimmy Santiago Baca in Taos, NM just before the Holiday festivities began. Jimmy is a life-force, and his support is still inspiring me. I did get a chance as well to enjoy the traditional 'farolitos' walk with friends, and later, for New Year's Day, the always enlivening Turtle Dance at Taos Pueblo.

A November Reading with Lapalabrava in Montreal was a real treat. Founded by Hugh Hazelton, Lapalabrava is a tri-lingual poetry series, so I was moved to be with Mexican writers and the beauty of the Spanish language as well as that of French, and of course my own mother tongue!

Viva Colorado my first home! My book The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope has received its second award in one year! This time from Colorado Independent Publishers Association for the enhanced e-book version (text, audio and images) that I recorded last November with Brook Forest Voices in Evergreen. I am so encouraged and hope many of you will want to read and/or listen to it!
Here's the press release!

It can be ordered from the ibooks on itunes: Here's a link with a sample.

Spring is always a busy time and I was very happy to be invited again in March for La Nuit de la poésie during Le Printemps des poètes events, and for La Muse, evening of readings in and around town for the International Quebec Book Fair. I was especially glad to offer some new poems!

In May, there was a new delight. A storytelling and creativity workshop for children at the Morrin Center in Quebec City during their literary festival, ImagiNation.

And then came Ireland! I was invited to the Listowel Writers' Week by fellow poet there, John McGrath, and thoroughly enjoyed being among the Irish writers and their open-hearted good humored hospitality. Poet Linda Whittenberg from Santa Fe, who has researched her Irish roots, was also attending. The poetry community is a small and grand world!

As the late summer days got shorter in August, I was fortunate to be among the poets performing in the opening night show at the convention Et Si La Beauté Sauvait Le Monde/If Beauty Could Save the World in Montreal. I was also invited to be part of a round table discussion which I thoroughly enjoyed as well. See their site for the wonderful work they do: www.congres-beaute.org or www.espaceartnature.com.